Galeria 8 mila - Amber,  shell,  silver  jewerly

Galeria 8 mila

Caught fistful of thoughts
mixed with silver
with the craft of my hands
I change into jewellery


I'm an artist, my jewellery has unique character, everything I create is my own conception emerging from my mind. Inspiration and pursuit of perfection is that what matters. You mustn’t destroy the beauty that nature gives us itself, it should be only taken out skilfully by combining with the precious metal like silver. After more than 25 years of experience, I created my own unique style. My products bring joy and make women around the world smile what gives me  great satisfaction from my work.

Jewellery that leaves my studio is completely handmade with the use of many former goldsmith techniques. I design for women with character who value individualism, which emphasizes their personality.

I am faithful to my sense of aesthetics creating uncommon and extravagant jewellery that is the individuality of its own.


If you desire to feel beautiful and special, my jewellery it dedicated to you ...